Dragon City Mod Apk 2020 [Updated] Version 10.5.3

Are you a game lover and want to be entangled with the hottest game in the world? Making your own virtual world by sitting at home can be fun and too easy by  Dragon City Mod Apk. So your journey to find out the best amazing game will finish here.




Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon city mod apk creates a virtual world to change your loneliness. You will surely be experienced with the most playing game in the world. You can directly download Dragon City Mod Apk here.

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Dragon city mod apk creates a virtual world where you can nourish your small baby dragon. You can feed to make it a monster. This powerful dragon will fight with the other dragons and kill them. It is probably one of the most popular games in the world at the present time. It comes with lots of adventures.

You may also download Dragon City Mod Apk Terbaru version from here.

Furthermore, When you enter into this amazing virtual strategic dragon city game, you get a small baby dragon. However, you need to feed and breed it to transform into a stronger and powerful monster. This powerful firedrake can also fight with other 80M+ dragon masters and it will extend your dragon city. So you can easily achieve a higher level by beating them. In short, levelling up dragons allows you to generate more gold.

Dragon City Mod Apk 2020

The latest version that is being used in 2020 is V10.5.3. You can simply download it by clicking on the above link.


Free Resources

Dragon City mod provides lots of free resources. You can get unlimited everything like unlimited food, unlimited gems, unlimited gold for free. You can use these free resources to transform a small infant dragon into a powerful monster. By using this you can increase your dragon life.

When you get started the first time you will get

  • Unlimited Food to feed your baby dragon
  • Free unlock dragons from 1st level to higher
  • Review your dragon over unlimited times
  • Increases of Dragon’s level
  • Maximize dragon city effectively
  • Free unlocking of greenhouse
  • Unlock caged dragons
You can use unlimited gold to make your dragon beautiful, use unlimited gems to increase the process of hatching egg. Dragon City Mod also provides the facility to set the name of your newly hatch dragon. You can do all this without any limitations. Not only but also you can unlock the most robust dragon such as Obsidian Dragon and Wildfire Dragon.


Dragon City Modded Apk provides lots of features that increase its fondness and make it popular in a very short time. Here are some features mentioned below that you would love.

  • Unlock any other dragons
  • Get unlimited foods to build the dragon
  • Get unlimited gems to speed up any process
  • You can win every PvP battle
  • Robust your dragon
  • Unlock new arenas
  • Play with your friends, send them gifts, and also visite their Island.
If you download Dragon City from here, you will get a variety of features like levelling, compete for quests, battles including PvP in Combat World and in Tournaments for free. These Combats increase user interest.

How to download and Install Dragon City Mod Apk

So finally, You have decided to download this amazing game. To install this game from modapky is as simple as if you have a bit of knowledge about android installation you can easily install this. You simply click on the download button and you get the download link button.

If you are still confused?

Don’t be panic

Here we are serving you with a detailed tutorial of how to download dragon city and install it without any type of problem.

You just need to follow these simple steps and boom.

 Step 1:  First of all, Click on the “Click to Download” button. After that, you will be redirected to the desired download page.

 Step 2:  You will find a “Download Now” button and click on it. It barely takes a few seconds and your mod apk will start downloading.

 Step 3:  After download, It’s time to install it on your android device. Simply open your device storage where it was downloaded and click to DragonCityModApk. It will begin to install. After completing the installation, you will just tap on the finish and now it’s ready to play.

 Step 4:  If you are installing it for the first time, then it generates a permission message from your android device setting. You just turn on allow from the source option but this is an optional step as if your android device already turned on permission then simply skip this step.

 Step 5:  Next click on back and install it again. Afterwards, you will surely install this time without any error.


If you have already installed another version of Dragon City Mod, uninstall it first otherwise it clashes with this new version and perhaps you will face a problem while installing.


Generally, Dragon city mod apk is a social network game. This game was first launched on Facebook by the world-renowned game based company SocialPoint. From time to time, it became so popular that ranked #2 Among all the Facebook games This game is specially designed for the mid-core players so that they can grow up their own dragon and make a dragon city on floating Islands.

How dragon city mod apk works

Dragon city mod is actually a modified version of the official dragon city. When you get into the game, you get a small dragon. You can also get unlimited food, gems, gold. You need to feed, breed and train this small dragon by using these all free resources. Dragon should be of level 4 in order to breed.  It’s level also tells about the dragon’s life and its power. By using these free resources, you can unlock the caged dragon. It can help you also to review your dragon and produce unlimited food for your firedrake.

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We personally urged you to use your mind to understand the opponent’s strategy to fight. You must be as capable as how you used your approach to defeat him. But it all comes with experience.

So, Don’t worry!

And keep playing.

Whenever you complete any mission, you will be rewarded with a different number of gems as per your level.

So you should start your journey now, soon you will become Pro Player of Dragon City Apk.

How to get rewards

Do you wonder how you get the rewards?

Let’s get down to the business.

Dragon city mod provides lots of rewards in the form of gems, good, and gold. These rewards increase user interest and popularity. It provides these reward in a different way:

Facebook Daily Rewards

From January 2019, Dragon city apk started a daily reward plan with Facebook. You can get daily incentives including food, gems, and golds. You just need to unlock and claim your perks daily and take benefits to nourish the infant dragon.

Monday Bonus:

Dragon city mod apk also gives a weekly bonus reward on every Monday that you can utilize it to make the strongest dragon.

You will not get rewards just in the form of food, gems, gold but in the form of the dragon also. It varies from 2 gems to 14 gems or you might even get 5000 Gold coins. These golds can be used to buy habitats and farms. You simply click on the reward box and boom.

However, If you are still confused to decide whether it is good to install or not

Hold on!

Let me share some of its features that surely help you to decide whether it is right for you or not.

Stay Tuned with us!


Features Of Dragon City Mod Apk

As mentioned above, this dragon city mod comes with impressive features that increase you power enough to become dragon masters in very little time.

Here we explain the detailed features of Dragon City Mod.

Unlimited Gold

This is the most prime feature of Dragon City Mod and you can get unlimited Gold to buy different resources from the shop.

Actually, golds help to develop a Dragon City. You can also use these golds to add Habitats in cities like Terra Habitat, Sea Habitats, Flame Habitats, and many others.  These golds can be used to unlock another mighty dragon including Sea Dragon and Nature Dragon.

Dragon City Mod itself provides some golds when you start playing it.

As a result! The more you play, the more you get gold and unlock more Habitas and Dragons.

Unlimited Gems

Dragon City Mod provides unlimited Gems. You can use these gems to review your dragon on the battlefield and especially to unlock the caged dragons. These dragons can be unlocked either purchasing or get it by using unlimited free gems.

You will come across with caged dragons on every point and uncage by using these gems. This is the only way of their freedom. In this case, unlock them and breed until they turn into a big monster.

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While playing with Dragon City Apk, you will get a variety of dragon city eggs like volcano dragon, jelly dragon, and so many others. You need to hatch these eggs and breed them to make it so strong that they can combat on the island.

Gems are used to provide freedom to the caged dragons.



100 Types of Dragons

As already mentioned above,  Dragon city is one of the most playing games on this planet. That’s why It has been downloaded more than 10M times till now. The most fascinating thing about Dragon City Mod Apk is that you get 100 types of dragons that can be used to fight in different situations. Some prominent dragons are rock, jungle, flame, thunder, and air. Each dragon consists of many elements and It’s your turn to choose them to fight against pro players.  In addition, there are 80M Dragon masters over there and you need to defeat them to build your Dragon City. You need to know which is the strongest dragon in dragon city and how to battle perfectly to defeat your opponents.


This is an opportunity to select your favorite dragon to fight with more interest.


PvP Battle

Usually, over 80M people played this game regularly. PvP is a Player vs Player fight. This is a one on one game. You face one opponent player and have to fight with it. If you want to defeat him then you must choose your strongest dragons. Your dragon must be capable enough that it can attack by selecting the attack option.

But be careful if this is your first time or you are not much experienced, you never challenge a pro player in PvP combat.

In brief, PvP combat is a fight of one on one player. You must kill him and get your reward and level.


As you become an expert, your level will increase. You will get more food, gems, golds, and obs by leveling up. Many features can be opened at a specific level and you must achieve these levels to unlock these features like you can unlock the cage dragons is one of them. But it takes time as it needs lots of food, golds, and gems. As you grow, you can unlock Habitats and Island also

Variety Of Islands

One of the most interesting things about this game is the various type of Islands where you can war. There are over 12 types of new Islands you can use to play according to your wish. Main Island, Lava Island, Ivory Island, Desert Island, Lush Island Skull Island, Rainbow Island, Rune Island, Gothic Island Future Island and Moon Island are the most popular in this game.


Island is an essential factor to keep you interested while playing this fantastic game as it provides a battlefield.

Types of Habitats

Dragon city mod provides different types of Habitats where you can house your dragons and get golds. Moreover, You have to choose the best habitat for your beloved dragon. As you level up, you will receive more golds and habitats. You can house a specific number of dragons as per your level. As your level increases, you become more capable of housing more dragons. Some popular habitats are Earth Habitat, Fire Habitat, Water Habitat, Plant Habitat, Ice Habitat, Metal Habitat, Dark Habitat, Electric Habitat, and Legend Habitat.


In short, Habitat is a fantastic opportunity to House your dragon by getting more golds but you need to unlock it first. .



Informational Table

Here you are providing you complete information in a table. Just read and catch the importance of Dragon City Mod Apk because this will help you to play with more interest.

App NameDragon City Mod Apk
Mod VersionV9.15.1
Developed BySocialPoint
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Food, Gold, Gems
Android Version4.0.3 And Up
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Users Rating4.6 out of 5

Some More Features

Here we are educating you with more features that our team personally experienced. It has no bugs, secure, super-fast, easy to play and much compatible with your devices.

  • Joining of New dragons every week for special Islands.
  • Available Different Beautiful skins that decore your dragons.
  • Collection of Orbs
  • You can save your game by just login with your Window
  • Allow combat with your friends
  • This game provides the facility of Auto Synchronized
  • Damage booster
  • Allow both Online and Offline mode

In short, Dragon City Apk Mod provide everything for free. You just need to unlock these times to time.

Dragon City Mod Apk GamePlay

In Dragon City Mod Apk 2020, you need to take intense care of your small baby dragon in every aspect like a proper meal, cleanliness, and safe place to live. You can even set a food industry to supply meals to your dragon. You can make your gameplay better by beating your opponent

People Also Ask [FAQs]

As we know there are thousands of queries confusing your mind. We tried our best to answer some common questions that most of our visitors frequently asked. Moreover, If you find that your query is not properly answered here, just ask in the comment section. We would love to solve it as soon as possible because you always are our first priority above all.

Is this Dragon City Mod Apk safe to use?

As we mentioned above, visitors are our first priority and we want to free them from any kind of embarrassment. So that’s why we tested it personally regarding compatibility, security, and optimization and It filled all criteria. All in all, this is the 100% safe apk.

Why do I need to Feed dragons?

When we start our game, we get one small baby dragon. It is not strong enough to fight with the experienced dragon master. Because at this level, this baby dragon is weak. As you need to feed more fruits. As a result, we get a big powerful monster.

How can I create a legendary dragon?

You can create your own legendary dragon by either unlocking it from the shop or by breeding.

  • In the shopping process, you have to spend a lot of gems to unlock your favorite dragon.
  • In the breeding process, You have to choose two different category dragons and breed them. As a result, the newly developed dragon will have the ability of both and will fight with more power. But it takes 2 days and 6 hours to hatch your legendary dragon’s egg.

Any tips for the beginner to get more diamonds and gems?

If you are beginners and don’t know how to collect more golds and gems to expand your dragon city, just follow these steps. It really helps you to level up faster.

  • Complete Daily Goals- You have to assign goals on a daily basis. You have to achieve these goals to get more gems and coins. This is the best way that we personally follow.
  • Win PvP Battle- Player vs Player is another feature to get golds and gems faster. You have to defeat your opponent’s dragon master. If you win, you get a dragon and you can use it to complete 100s of dragons collections.
  • Breed-  You also get gems and golds when you breed any two dragons.
  • Build Habitat-  There are 28 habitats in Dragon City Mod. You get any one of them and expand it to get more golds. But first, you need to spend some golds to get a suitable habitat.

Which island is the best to play?

There are various islands that are different from each other with their irregular shapes,

sizes. It’s up to you to select the best island as every player has his own interest.

The island on which you can play smoothly and leisurely to fight is best for you.

Which Version you are providing?

We have shared the latest version of Dragon City Mok Apk 2020 which is V10.5.3.

If you want to get the latest update then simply allow notification options and we will keep you updated about the latest version and any type of latest features.


So, I hope you have downloaded your Dragon City Mod Apk 2020 here and ready to build your strong monster. Dragon City Mod Apk was first launched by SocialPoint on Facebook. Our team is working days and nights to provide you with the best Mod Apk. Moreover, this is Much compatible with your devices, more secure, easy to download for every visitor of any country.

So why are you waiting for?

Just create your virtual dragon city and defeat your opponent and levelled it up.

If you have any query or facing any problem, just comment down. We would love to help to solve your question first.

Here we provide the performance detail of Dragon City Mod Apk.

Dragon City Mod ApkRating
Working Mod⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Unlimited Gold⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Unlimited Gems⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Regular Updates⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



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