BlackMart APK – [Updated] Version

BlackMart APK is one of the biggest app stores that helps to download apps and games for free, but it chooses fewer apps. It provides an unrestricted full flagged opportunity to download apps that you pay many bucks on another app store. It consists of both free and premium apps and games.

BlackMart Alpha APK

Android mobile has its own biggest apps store named Google Play Store, that consists of both free and paid apps.

Do you know you can download these premium apps and games for free?

We bring you the latest version of BlackMart APK that provides these premium apps and games without paying a single buck. There are so many other BlackMart APK available on the internet, but BlackMart APK is the best one, and no one can beat it in its free providing features.

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BlackMart apk consists of a huge collection of apps that are not available even Google Play Store and other apps providing a market. The main feature of this fantastic app providing a marketplace is that the android user doesn’t need to register them or will not face any restrictions and download any premium app directly.

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BlackMart Alpha APK


Whenever you need to install any premium apps, you have to pay a lot of money through your Debit or ATM card. No doubt some of them can afford it, but not everyone has enough money to pay to get these paid games and apps.

The best alternative to deal with such situations is BlackMart, an app providing a marketplace. It consists of a variety of surprising features that every android user can imagine. We list down every part in detail here. There is also some other marketplace available like Cyberflix apk, Magisk Manager, and Titanium TV, etc. but it is the best choice and variety of collections.

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Once-Click Download

BlackMart marketplace provides the desired result at one click. The android user does not need any kind of permission to install it. Even you can search any app or game on its own, providing a search box. You have just to put your app or game name, and it will generate all results related to that app or game. Once you find your desired app, just hit a click on the install button and it will automatically download into your smartphone. In short, it is one click accessible app.

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Auto Installation

The updated version of BlackMart comes with auto installation features. Most android users also love this feature as they don’t need to download it manually. It automatically installs when it is completely downloaded. Other markets have a lack of auto-installation features that whey it is an exceptional choice for every android user.

Auto Updates

Another exceptional feature of BlackMart is auto-updations. This app is automatically updated itself if there is any new version available. This feature provides more security as it removes bugs automatically if the update finds them. You can also disable auto-updates features anytime from the setting.

In-Built App Manager

BlackMart Alpha has its app manager tool, so you do not need to install any third-party app manager. It helps to uninstall any app or move any app between the storage.

Free Apps and Games

Like other market places, Black Market Alpha apk has its repository that consists of a huge collection of both free and paid apps and games. It is not providing only premium apps and games, but free apps also. You can download your favorite app or games with just one click.

Upload Your Apps

The BlackMart Alpha is just not the app downloading marketplace, but the android user can upload their app too on this popular app store. You can publish your app anytime for free on this huge app store.

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What’s New

  • Secure and Bugs Free
  • Auto-Updation
  • Easy Graphics User Interface
  • User-Friendly App Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlackMart?

Black Mart Alpha is the android app store that consists of more than 1 million latest, trending, useful and popular apps.

Does BlackMart Alpha still work?

Yes! BlackMart Alpha APK is still working well with all android devices. It is a lite app and does not impose any burden or does not slow down your smartphones.

Is BlackMart Alpha free or paid?

BlackMart Alpha apk comes with both free and paid packages.


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