Dragon City Apk Unlimited Gems

Dragon City is a mobile game and the thing that makes it more interesting is its free gems. You can get Dragon City Apk Unlimited Gems for free. Millions of people play this game daily all across the world. 

There are lots of reasons why every gamer loves this game. It’s unlimited free Gems and Golds. Its graphics are amazing and the user interface is smooth. Gems and Golds are the resources and you can buy different features by using this. First, try to choose the strong dragon or breed your small dragon to make it a powerful monster. If you don’t know how to breed, then don’t worry. Dragon City Breeding Guide will surely help you in this regard or you can also take help from the Breeding Calculator

HOW TO GET Unlimited GEMS On Dragon City

Gems are the real cash currency of Dragon City. One of the main resources is to get free gems by watching ads. You can get these gems every day by watching 5 ads on dragon TV and you will get 10 gems. Additionally, there are lots of ways of getting free gems in Dragon City Apk.

Dragon City APK Unlimited Gems

Here we will go over everything that you need to know of getting free gems and the best way to use it.

Let us discuss these in detail

Level Up

The primary thing you need to do is level up. When you achieve your next level, you will rewards with a bunch of gems every time. But you must be consistent in your game to win more Dragon city unlimited gems apk.

Dragon Book Collection

Another way to get free gems is by finishing the collections by dragon books. After finishing each collection, you get a certain number of gems.

Leagues And Arena Battles

One of the best and free ways to get gems is league battles and arena battles. Whenever you defeat your opponent, you get a reward of free gems.

Jewelem’s Tower

When you play with consistency, you will reach a higher level. Reaching on 12 levels, then Jewelem’s Tower will be unlocked. When you rebuild the tower you can get 1 free gem every day.

Dragon Market

Dragon market builds when you send a helping request to your friends to get some food and gold. Whenever 10 of your friends accept the request, you get 1 gem free.

Goals Completion

You assign different goals at different stages. Whenever you complete your goal you get free gems as a reward.

Event’s Task Completion

There are lots of events in this Dragon City. Most of the events give a bunch of gems after completing the tasks.

Monday Rewards

Dragon City provides rewards every Monday. You have a chance to win 5 gems. This is a fantastic incentive for the newbies to play every Monday.

Daily Log In Rewards

When you log in daily, you get some rewards. It may include a bunch of gems. Simply receive these gems and continue the journey of enjoying. You can use the above information to get unlimited gems for Dragon City. 


Gems are the cash currency used in the Dragon City Apk. When you have collected lots of gems then you may use them for different purposes. You can use it to review your dragon. Furthermore, these gems become the helping hand to unlock the caged dragon. You can also get these gems for free on your PC. You can use these gems wisely to get more benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free gems on Dragon City?

There are more than one ways to get Dragon City Gems. When you conquered and win the tournament, you get a bunch of unlimited gems in dragon city. You just have to pick your strongest dragon t0 beat your enemies and get these gems as a reward. You can see these rewards before starting the battle.

What is the easiest way to get gems in Dragon City?

The easiest and quickest way to get gems in Dragon City is by purchasing. If you want to get these gems without paying a single penny then you can also get these lots of gems by playing the game regularly.

Final Words

Dragon City APK game is tasteless until you have not fully engaged in it and win the gems. Dragon City Gems are the most crucial part to play with more interest and facilitate your dragon with more features and grow it fast as well. We have completely described how to get unlimited both free and paid gems. If you still get confused, ask your query in the comment section. We would love to solve it ASAP.

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