How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

Everyone in this digital world uses laptops to complete their daily work, like in the office to handle work, in education to complete assignments. They can face different issues, including slowing down, lagging or overheating. Today we will discuss overheating problem here and also discuss How To Fix an Overheating Laptop.

How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

Overheating is a common issue happening in laptops. Most of the laptops are getting overheated due to old hardware problems. These problems are difficult to solve by yourself. This problem is often happening due to them not providing enough airflow in the machine. In short, overheating is a serious problem that must be cool down to prevent it from more damage. So, If you never experience to fir the overheating problem, then don’t worry. We are giving below three best practices to solve this overheating laptop problem. 

How To Fix an Overheating Laptop

Check and Clean The Fans

If you experience that your laptop getting hot, place your hand near its fan to know either it is working correctly or not. You will come to know either it is working correctly then hot air comes out of it. If hot air is not coming out of it, there might be a maximum chance of its damage. The reason for damaging the fan is the dust inside it. The compressed air must remove this dust to turn it into the previous right condition. If your laptop’s fan gets damaged, the only solution is to replace it with a new fan.

Elevate Your Laptop

Another reason for overheating the laptop is not having enough place of ventilation below the computer. This issue can be solved by lifting the laptop or place a small book under the laptop to reduce overheating. The best solution is to place the laptop on a cooling mat under the laptop. There are different types of cooling mats available on the market to cooling down laptops.

Use A Lap Desk

Another useful way to cooling down the overheating laptop is the lap desk. It provides enough height to your laptop to increase the laptop’s airflow that will cool down your laptop. Similarly, placing the laptop on the lap is also the cause of overheating of the laptop. For this purpose, the lap desk makes enough space under the laptop to bypass enough airflow and cool down the laptop.

Controlling Fan Speeds

Although the airflow under the laptop is an excellent way to keep it cool down but too much and constant airflow will cause a hurdle in running a fan. It will slow it down. When you are imposing a high load on the laptop by doing hard work, your computer will get hotter, and the fan will also be running at high speed. If you want to control the fan speed by yourself, you can install the SpeedFan program. 

Avoid Using Intense Processes

Another reason for getting hotter on your laptop is using too many intense processes. For example, using Flash Video will impose a high load on it, and it is getting hot in a brief period and increasing fan speed. To set up this issue, use a FlashBlock in your browser to run the Flash Video only when you needed. It will help a lot to save your laptop by getting overheating. 

Keep Your Laptop Out Of The Heat

Last but not least, overheating can be happening due to the direct hot sunlight on your laptop in summer. These high intense sunlight rays will cause overheating reason of the laptop. So, try to work in the shady areas when your laptop getting hotter and if it damages due to overheating, repair it as soon as possible to put yourself on the working track.

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Final World

We have comprehensively solved your issue about How To Fix an Overheating Laptop. After reading this authentic information, you will able to become the cooling down your laptop by yourself. If you still face any difficulty in fixing the overheating issue of the laptop, ask in the comment section to solve it ASAP.

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