How To Remove Laptop Keyboard Key

Today laptop becomes a very useful electronic device, and nobody will deny its importance in this century. As the number of laptop users is continuously increasing day by day, the problem facing while using is also increasing at the same pace. Our prime purpose is to facilitate you to come out of these issues and continue your work. Today we come with another most important solution to the laptop user’s common problem is How To Remove Laptop Keyboard Key.

How To Remove Laptop Keyboard Key

When you are consecutively using the laptop for a long time to complete your assignments or manage the office work, your laptop keys might damage. But it is not the exact reason. It may happen without any reason accidentally, like your laptops dropped from your hands or some child try to pull your key from the keyboard. If your laptop is too old or dust inside the laptop’s keyboard, then your laptop key will be stuck and become difficult to press. We are providing you complete guide step by step.

How To Remove Laptop Keyboard Key

Step 1:

First of all, turn off your computer and remove the battery from it.

Step 2:

After that, place the laptop under the lamp or bulb so that light shows all dust under the keyboard.

Step 3:

Now, take any flat-head screwdriver and pull off the keys according to your choice. The best practice is to start the key from the character “Q” and then others accordingly. It is fairly easy to remove the Numbers keys as compare to the character or command keys.

Step 4:

Collect all the removed keys into a container so that they will not lose. Some keys are difficult to remove, like space, tab, lock, shift, forward slash, and they need some small metal pins to remove. So the main point is that you must have to keep patience.

Step 5:

When all the keys are removed and collect in a small container, take clean cotton and dip it into the alcohol and remove all dust around these keys. Use any tweezers to remove hairs from the keyboard of the laptops.

Step 6:

After cleaning the keys’ surrounded area, replace the keys and press its corner until you hear the click voice and it gets fits into it. Fit all the keys according to the map of the keyboard. The best practice is that take a couple of pictures of the keyboard map so that you will not forget the exact position of the keys.

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While removing and replacing the laptop keyboard key, you must take great care. It would be best if you adopted some precautions that are mention below.

  • Don’t Use the hard stick
  • Don’t be hurry. Work patiently
  • Never hit on the laptop keyboard
  • Hold the laptop tightly and pull the key


Our team did complete research, collect the information and present you comprehensively to solve your laptop problems. We have reviewed How To Remove Laptop Keyboard Key from the computer. We also provide you details about how to replace it with the new one.


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