How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen

As with the excessive use of laptops, software or hardware problems are also increasing day by day. Our prime purpose is to solve these problems and take you out of them. Every laptop user knows that they face many problems, including software issues, hardware, slow down the laptops, keyboard keys not working, mouse issues, port problems, screen lagging or broking, battery life issues, and so many others. Every problem with the laptop can not be discussed in one article. We will surely solve all of your issues one by one. Today we come up with the laptop broken screen issue. We will tell you How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen with a new screen.

How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen

If your laptop screen is completely cracked or some scratches on the screen will not show the display clearly, It would not be very pleasant because your laptop becomes priceless without a clean and HD display screen.

If your laptop is accidentally broken and in warranty, it will be a bonus for you because you can replace it free of cost by claiming the brand’s or shops’ warranty opportunity. Let’s start with replacing a broken laptop screen with a new and display screen step by step.

How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen

 Remove the screen bezel

After removing the power cable and battery from the laptop, it’s time to check out the bezel of the laptop carefully and find the screw of the screen through which it is attached. The next thing you need to do is the removing of the bezel to reach the LCD screw. You can not directly approach these bezels as they hide beside the rubber cushions. Now, use a thing blade-type metal to remove these cushions from the corner to find the bezels.

Remove the broken LCD panel

After removing the bezels, now remove the screw and also remove the LCD. Now turn upside down to unplug it from the laptop.

Install the new LCD pane

When you remove the broken, cracked, or scratched LCD from the laptop successfully, here, you go to install the new one to enjoy a better display experience. Before installing the LCD, you must be damn assured that the size of the LCD, all connectors, and mountain bikes are perfectly fit for your laptops. Now, attach the new LCD panel to the cable, perfectly positioned it, and tighten it using the screw. Finally, Your broken laptop screen is replaced by a new one.

 Test the new LCD panel and reinstall the bezel

Wait! Here is not the end. After installing the brand new LCD screen, first, check either it works properly or not. Now reconnect the battery and power cable and turned it on. If it works properly, then fine, reattach the bezel, and replace the old screen with the new screen. If you found that the display is not working or your laptop is not showing the display, recheck everything you have done before.

Replacement of the screen is not difficult, but the most important thing you need to be kept in mind is patience. Never panic or to make hurry up in replacing the screen. It is a time taking the job and requires patience while working.

Final Words

Finally, we have comprehensively reviewed how to replace a broken laptop screen. Read it attentively to get the exact idea about how to do it wisely. If you still face hesitation, ask in the comment section. We will solve it promptly.

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