How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop

If your laptop is getting slower and it creates a lot of delay in completing your work. Today we come with your solution. Today we will guide you about How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop. After upgrading, you will do your work fast, and it saves a lot of time. Just apply the following instruction and guidance and get rid of this hectic slowing down the laptop.

If you are a game lover or have to do an educational assignment or office work, you need to be a good and fast laptop who will not interrupt. If you have a good budget, you think about buying a new laptop, but if you have a tight budget, you need to find any solution that helps you make it faster and do not put an economic burden on your pocket. So, we are coming today with the very best solution to make your laptop faster within a very low budget. One of the best solutions is upgrading the ram on your laptop. Now the question arises that how to upgrade a ram on your laptop. So we are discussing this question in detail below. 

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How To Upgrade RAM On Laptop

Is your laptop running slow? Are you facing delays in completing the educational assignments or office work? Let’s share my personal experience.

Before a couple of months, My office computer getting slowed down, and I face a lot of delay in completing my tasks in time. It was often getting lag, and when I was open many tabs on the same browser, it got stuck on the same tab, and even when I was giving some command from the keyboard or mouse, it was not giving me a prompt response. 

It is not good to waiting for a long time for its proper working or buying a new laptop as it becomes much expensive. So, Its perfect and inexpensive solution is to upgrade the RAM. We are discussing how to upgrade the ram on the laptop. 

How To Upgrade Ram On Your Laptop


The first most important thing that needs to keep in mind is the research. Do proper research before upgrading either this ram is compatible with your computer or not. You can use different sites to check the compatibility of ram for your computer. These websites show the list of different compatible rams, and you have to choose the most compatible. 


After doing proper research and finalize the most compatible ram, the next step is its installation. Now disconnect the charger from the computer, turn upside down your laptop, unscrew the screw, and inserting the ram. It consists of two ram slots; the laptop already occupies one, and the other is where you can put your ram for upgrading. 

Final Words

So we have discussed how to upgrade ram on laptop completely. Read the complete article attentively and make your price speed faster. If you are still facing any confusion, then ask in the comment section. We would love to solve it in the first attempt.


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