Rise of Kingdoms APK Comprehensive Guide [Unlimited Gems]

Rise of Kingdoms APK provides you with an opportunity to launch an epic war and conquer the entire world. It is up to you which character you choose as a conqueror. You can choose the character to become the author of your history of civilization, lead the world as a sagacity virtuous leader, in search of unknown pioneers, or dedicate yourself to help your own people.

Rise Of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Apk

The latest Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Apk is a real-time Strategic game that comes with unlimited gems and money and is much compatible with the android. Later, It is upgraded from the rise of civilization to the rise of kingdoms. This amazing game has 11 civilizations and 34 heroes. With this apk, you will be able to get unlimited free resources and can unlock all commanders easily.

Rise of kingdoms Apk

The Rise of Kingdoms APK provides various facilities to its players to enhance the growth of their cities. The players have to set off their residence to save themself from the attack of enemies. This game is exceptional in numerous features, amazing UI design, and so many heroes and characters.

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The Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Apk is full of exciting features that entertain the player at every stage. You can choose your favorite kingdom on the basis of its unique specialties, wealth, and power. Let’s discuss each feature in detail.

Real-Time Battle

The battle is no pre-planned and the enemy can be attacked at any time. You have to take an eye on the map because anybody can be attacked from any side. Even the attack can be expected from the right in your backyard. You have to send soldiers to save your buddy from this dangerous situation or directly counter-attack at the attacker’s points.

Seamless World Map

All the players and the NPC characters fall out on the same huge map. There is no separate platform or isolated places available for the fight. Moreover,  this amazing game comes with the feature of “Infinite Zoom” and you have to face some hardship at every stage to enter into the neighboring areas such as to cross rivers and mountain ranges.

Eleven Unique Civilizations

Rise of Kingdoms apk consists of 11 historical civilizations and you have to pick any one of them. Every civilization has its own unique architecture, benefits, and special values. Just pick one civilization, lead it, and transform it into a powerful tribe. Read Rise of Kingdoms Guide to know more features.

Exploration and Investigation

The rise of the world of the kingdom is completely covered with thick fog. The player has to prepare himself to explore the mysterious land and discover the hidden treasure inside it. You have to explore the tribe village and mysterious caves. Ready to investigate the lost temples and barbarian forts and train yourself for the ultimate battle.

Unrestricted Troop Movements

Players must have to stay flexible in the whole game. You should be able to follow the order or change the strategy at any point. The order might include the launching of feints in the enemy city, meeting your alliance army to attack the enemy city and defeat them, send the soldiers to collect wood in the forest, and pick them off in the barbarian tribe ways. The commanders can be split up into many sections to handle the attacker’s enemies simultaneously.

Alliance System

The Alliance system feature helps soldiers to keep in contact and chat with each other. The alliance can chat with others, can perform officer roles remotely, and can update the soldiers with map indicators, and also guide them on how to tackle such worst situations and beat opponents. The alliance can increase its area by capturing mountain ways and barbarian outposts to gain more benefits and to make their position firm. They can also fight together to get the victory.

Conquer the Kingdom

You have to fight with your alliance to take firm control of the situation and this vast kingdom. Always use your best tactics and also clash with the enemies and rise as a Victorious in the MMO strategy royal battle.

RPG Commanders

From Julius Caesar to the Joan of Arc and Sun Tzu to the Kusunoki Masashige, there are dozens of trustworthy commanders that serve for the victory of the kingdom. You have to train your commanders from time to time by defeating opponents, take part in battles, and upgrade their abilities and attributes by the skill system and RPG-style talent tree.

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What’s New

  • The latest version of the Rise of Kingdoms comes with more exceptional features.
  • Unlimited Gems, Wood, and Food
  • Free 5000 VIP points
  • Unlock All Commanders
  • Expedition and Infinite Zoom mode
  • 3D Character Models and Stunning Graphics

Rise of Kingdoms APK Gameplay

We have presented complete detail about the rise of kingdoms apk. We have covered each and everything related to it. Now, it’s time to explain it in a video. This tutorial will help to understand this amazing game. After watching this, you will be able to become a pro player in a very short span of time. This tutorial will become an ideal source of learning for beginners. You can download the Rise of Kingdoms apk from the link provided above. Make a king of your world and fulfill the need of your people.

Rise of Kingdoms APK Screenshot

If you are still confused and don’t know how to play this amazing game, we have also provided you the screenshots that help you to get started.


System Requirement

If you have the following requirement device, you can easily play this game with smooth graphics.

Operating System: IOS 9/ Android 6.0

CPU: Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 2 GHz or Equivalent

GPU: Adreno 506 or equivalent


Storage: 90MB

Informational Table

Here we come with an informational table of the advanced level game the Rise of Kingdoms apk. It helps to give you an exact idea of how famous this game is and it is still increasing.  Read and enjoy the taste of this amazing game.

App NameRise of Kingdoms APK
FeaturesFree Gems, Money
Android Version4.1 and up
Last Updated3 Days Ago
Users Rating4.7 out of 5

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Rise of Kingdoms a good game?

Rise of Kingdoms is an advanced level game with some more features, high-quality graphics, beautiful, and unique characters. You will found many boxes that contain unlimited gems and you can use them to buy different features or items.

Is the rise of kingdoms a free game?

Of course, it is totally free to play from start to end. Even you will get unlimited free gems and money for free.

How do you get strong in the rise of kingdoms?

The only way to remain strong in the rise of kingdoms is the strong power of your commanders. You can stronger your commander by leveling up and upgrade the star levels, explore and unlock the talents and skills of the commander. The skilled and strong commanders give you extra strength to keep you stronger in the rise of kingdoms.

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We have totally reviewed the Rise of Kingdoms apk and we’ll assure you, you will enjoy this amazing strategic game. If you still have any queries or facing any issues, feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to solve your query as soon as possible.


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