Rise of Kingdoms Guide – Comprehensive Strategies

Rise of Kingdoms Guide gives you every piece of information about the rise of the kingdom’s game from essential to advanced level. After reading the guide to kingdoms’ rise, you will become a pro player in a brief period. So, let’s read the comprehensive guide to the rise of kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms Beginner Guide

The rise of kingdoms is widely played all over the world due to its adventurous and strategic features. Over more than a million people play it worldwide. So when we talk about a beginner who recently started to play it, is it possible to survive in this game for a beginner? Are you worried about what would happen if you start playing this game?

Don’t worry at all

Today we come with a comprehensive guide about the rise of kingdoms that lifted you from a basic level to the pro players community. After studying and applying these tactics and after understanding each function, you will not only fight with confidence, but you win this game also.

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Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Best Free-To-Play Game

Some people say that the Rise of Kingdoms is a free game, but only paid-player leveled up, and free players don’t have enough permission to get the same spot. But this information is not correct. We presented you with the comprehensive rise of the kingdom guide that makes you capable enough to get the same level of space as a paid player in this high competition. But you have to play, grow, and beat them to obtain that spot.

The rise of kingdoms has an exceptional feature for the free-to-play players and has a chance to list in the competition, and they don’t need to pay for it. Other mobile games have lacked these attributes to entertain their players for free. So, this free-to-play guide to kingdoms’ rise helps the new and experienced players stay motivated and interested in the whole game. The best thing about this game is that it is completely free-to-play for everyone.

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Best Civilization For Starting

When you are a beginner, then at the starting of the game, forget about civilization and focus on that civilization’s features commanders. You can quickly get these legendary commanders when you choose any civilizations. We recommended a beginner player to start the game with Scipio or Boudica commanders as these are the best commanders to survive as a new player.

Scipio commanders are experts in setting up the army and remain firm on the battlefield, while Boudica is the perfect option for farming the Barbarians and forts. When you select the commander, then you have to move to the Japan Civilization. Japanese will help you to speed up the army attacks and collect resources. But you can only get these features at City Hall Level 10.

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How to spend Gems Efficiently?

Gems are the real beauty of the Rise of Kingdoms, so we guide you correctly on how to get and how to use them wisely. While play free-to-play, there are limited gems for you, and also, it isn’t easy to get giant gems for free. So the only solution left is the wise use of it. Our fantastic rise of kingdoms guide will help you to win the battle and, of course, the game.

How to use Speedups

The suitable and best way to speed up the building in the Rise of Kingdoms game is to get help from your alliance. Never make the mistake of hurry into the building. First, build enough speed in the rise of the kingdom’s game, make sure it is enough to survive, and then use speedups.

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Final Thought

We have entirely described the rise of the kingdom’s guide. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start, play free, then read our guide and become a pro player. These guides make you free from any time of hurdle while playing this fantastic game.


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