Strongest Dragon in Dragon City

There is a lot of confusion about which Dragon is the most powerful. We have collected trusted data and found the Strongest Dragon In Dragon City. You can easily get an idea of what is the most powerful dragon in the dragon world. Strong dragon has more change to defeat their opponent and win the battle. 

Strongest Dragon in Dragon City

The dragon city players often remain confused about what is the best dragon in dragon city. We did deep research and solved this controversial debate.  If you have a strong dragon, no one can defeat you in the game. 

Let’s read the complete list of Best Dragon in Dragon City

Strongest Dragon in Dragon City


1- Legendary Dragon

Legendary Dragons are pretty powerful and easy to get. You can get legendary dragons in the ancient world at level 27. It requires a unique set of small dragons to create a legendary dragon for your dragon city. It comes with special elements called Legendary Elements. 

2- Pure Dragon

The one and the only powerful dragon that beat all other dragons in the dragon city is Pure Dragon. Pure Dragon has the second-highest XP at level 20. It can attack critically at Water and Ice. The best practice is to keep this dragon at the front place in the dragon’s attack and it will defeat all other 3 dragons with one shot at the same level.  It is the second-highest XP at level 20 and it is the top strongest dragon in dragon city. 

Although Pure Dragon is good and it could not critically hit any other elements. You can also play the Dragon City game on your PC or laptops

3- Element Dragon 

Our team found that Element Dragon is one of the other strongest dragons in dragon city. It has a good ability to fight with other dragons and defeat them. The only flaw in Element Dragon is that when it fights with a metal dragon, it could not hit the metal dragon. But still, it is in the best 3 dragons. 

One of my team members got it at level 11 and it defeated another team member that is at level 15. So it definitely recommended the dragon. 

4- Apocalypse Dragon

Apocalypse Dragon is the 4th best dragon in dragon city. It can critically hit all other dragons except pure and flame. Apocalypse is one of the most reliable dragons. To make the breeding process easier, you should try the breeding calculator to measure the exact breeding levels. It will surely change your small dragon into a big powerful monster.

5- SuperSonic Dragon 

We know you never heard about Supersonic Dragon but our team did research and found the top fifth-best dragon in dragon city. It is the best with 4 element dragons. These elements include Terra, Metal, Electric, and Nature. It becomes inconvincible by adding some best attacks. It can critically hit against every dragon in dragon city. 

6- High Guardian Dragon

High Guardian Dragon has heroic power. It is another best dragon in dragon city. Although it can’t critically hit all dragons it can critically hit flame, nature, metal, light, and war. 

One of our team members has High Guardian Dragon with 3-star gold and with 21000 power. The best thing is that his High Guardian Dragon can’t be critically hit by any other dragons.

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7- Cool Fire Dragon

Cool Fire Dragon is the best among all dragons. One of our team members has a Cool Fire Dragon. It can not be defeated by any other dragon. Rather it can beat all other dragons. He wins almost all types of combats. His Cool Fire Dragon is at level 12. Although Cool Fire Dragon is the best one it is really hard to breed. It comes with a common rating. 

8- Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon is another best Dragon in dragon city. The best thing is that I can’t be hit critically until it comes across another Wind Dragon. Our team members have a Wind Dragon with the 20th level. Its health is amazing and it produces tons of gold. 

9- Soccer Dragon

Soccer Dragon is one of the common dragons among all the best dragons in dragon city. It is fairly powerful for its level. Soccer Dragons have their common attacks and common battle statistics. We personally love Soccer Dragons because my Soccer Dragons wear Barcelona shirts and it looks beautiful. If you breed Soccer Dragon carefully, you can turn it into a legendary dragon easily.  

10- Drainbow Dragon

Drainbow Dragon is the strongest dragon in dragon city. It can even beat other powerful dragons. It has great power and looks beautiful. If you breed it to level 30, you will get a legendary dragon with unbeatable power. I personally often use it and it won many battles when I was not a pro player. It looks cool and also very strong.

These all Dragons are available in Dragon City Apk.

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The best practice to choose the strongest dragon in dragon city is totally up to you. The dragon that fights well is the best dragon for you. Everyone has their own choice. The one that kills their opponent is the strongest dragon for him/her. If you still feel any sort of problem, ask in the comment section. We could love to solve your query as soon as possible.


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